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Being safe is important

HSE International makes that a whole lot simpler

When it comes to safety having the right tools and support gives you the ability to act quickly. Whether it’s understanding your organization’s risk around an particular issue, finding and preparing evidence for an incident investigation, or even working through M&A activity. But with the amount of legislation out there, it’s not always easy to know and meet your obligations as an organization.

HSE International helps organizations anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and build better programs and controls to address the wide variety of regulations and regulatory risks. Our customized approaches help rethink the cumbersome and arduous task of safety, making it more manageable, efficient, and insightful to manage risks and elevate business performance. HSE International brings the entire process together in a single approach, connected to the most effective tools and supported by the community of experts you need to meet your safety goals. Our team have deep experience working for multinationals, large national companies, down to mid-sized and small businesses, and can provide best practices from every industry.

Developing integrated, strategically-aligned safety risk management solutions allow organizations to make optimised business decisions, making HSE International’s your complete support partner and gives you the power to create a safer workplace.

Strategy and Executive Coaching


HSE International can help you to develop a safety strategy that will improve your business outcomes. In safety, the strategy of an organization is predominantly focused on reducing incidents. But how do our clients accomplish this? Our approach is based on setting intent, developing a compelling and relevant ‘why’ safety message, and creating a story that includes all stakeholders within the organization. We also provide coaching to promote the types of behaviour that help our clients' organization influence safety outcomes.

Management System Design & Implementation


We have significant experience helping organizations work through safety problems, overhaul management systems and understand the risk profile of an organization. As organizations focus on understanding and controlling hazards, they often neglect to maintain the underlying Safety Management System (SMS) due to perceptions that the system is out of date or doesn’t comply with current standards. This is a risk in itself.

Risk Profiling


HSE International recognizes that a critical aspect of a Safety Management System (SMS) is identifying, assessing and controlling hazards and risks. Our safety risk profiling methodology can help your organization develop a better understanding of risk exposure – from the top down as well as from the bottom up. 

Assessment and Inspections


HSE International can analyze your Safety Management System (SMS), associated processes and safety culture using relevant industry standards and safety objectives - creating a business case for improvement and a program for change. As part of our service package we also offer internal audits, compliance audits, site inspections, domestic and international standard gap analyses, assess Quality Management Systems (QMS), and design and implement policies and procedures. 


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